Making My Studio Spiffy for the New Year

When I started my research back on 9 October, I maintained office hours…same time, same place every day. This made sense, as the work I initially did was computer-based and very intensive. I tried to sit down at my desk, a mug of hot tea in hand, by 9:30 AM. After the first month,  my focus shifted to reading books and collections of old trade publications. I can do that anywhere, and do I ever! After the first of the month/year (how is that tomorrow?), I plan on following both types of research threads daily. Back to the studio, I go!

In the meantime, I let my desk get messy. And dusty. When you live in a house from the 1890s, in a busy neighborhood with construction three doors down, the latter happens annoyingly quick. It took me about an hour to put things back to normal.

Something you should know about me: I find inspiration in visual and aural chaos. I don’t do well surrounded by minimalism or silence. I like pretty things and noise.

I’m extra excited to return to my studio tomorrow. Where do you write or pursue your creative endeavors? What kind of vibe, if any, is important to you?

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