[Podcast Appearance] AntmanVS Austen House Books

Last Thursday, 2 February, I paid a visit to my friend Tiff over at the eclectic Wanderlust Studio. Her shop is more than just a place to sell cool locally made items. She hosts wonderful events out of her neighborhood space--yoga classes, open mic nights, dance parties, Saturday markets--and does it with her signature brand … Continue reading [Podcast Appearance] AntmanVS Austen House Books

Research Notes: Catching Up

I am entering month three of mapping every branch and twig of J’s family tree. I’ve traced her dad’s forebears back as far as possible, which is much further than is strictly necessary. Four hundred-plus years of knowledge will be condensed into a few paragraphs, at most. However, this information is fundamental in underpinning the … Continue reading Research Notes: Catching Up

Happy New Year!

Thanks for following my irregularly documented research adventures. I appreciate each one of you. May 2023 bring all that you desire for yourselves and your loved ones. This page is from J's kindergarten scrapbook. It dates from January 1906. She was five.

15 November 1926: O Wedded Bliss!

15 November 1926: Much like we are this week, Americans, although gearing up for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, already had one eye gazing longingly towards Christmas. Newspapers were bursting with enticing ads for seasonal sales and festive activities. True crime dominated the headlines of New York City-area newspapers, but the current salacious obsession was anything … Continue reading 15 November 1926: O Wedded Bliss!

1920: An Entertaining Year

1920 was momentous for J...she left her teen years, met her future husband, AND made her professional debut in a tour of De Koven's Robin Hood. In honor of that special time in J's life, I've compiled this 1920-themed gallery. BONUS LINK: A delicious decade: The food of 1910-1920 (The Seattle Times)