J on This Day: 20 July 1933

On this fine day in 1933, J was preparing to appear in Victor Herbert’s “Naughty Marietta” to be presented the following week at the Overton Park Amphitheatre in her hometown of Memphis, TN, for a run of six days. The operetta was, of course, produced by her husband R. She assisted as well as starred. Joseph Henkel conducted the orchestra.


The production featured:

A cast of 130–including 36 principal players and 80 chorus members

A 24-piece orchestra

50,000 visitors

40 women in “colorful negligees”

40 male singers

Additional enticements were offered…

The Cleveland (Mississippi) Enterprise: 7-22-33

I can only hope that this production was every bit the starry summer affair that the newspaper predicted. More research will out.



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