Research Notes: Catching Up

I am entering month three of mapping every branch and twig of J’s family tree. I’ve traced her dad’s forebears back as far as possible, which is much further than is strictly necessary. Four hundred-plus years of knowledge will be condensed into a few paragraphs, at most. However, this information is fundamental in underpinning the … Continue reading Research Notes: Catching Up

J on This Day: 20 July 1933

On this fine day in 1933, J was preparing to appear in Victor Herbert's "Naughty Marietta" to be presented the following week at the Overton Park Amphitheatre in her hometown of Memphis, TN, for a run of six days. The operetta was, of course, produced by her husband R. She assisted as well as starred. … Continue reading J on This Day: 20 July 1933

Business Cards

Why does having a project-specific business card design add gravitas to my research? I've no idea, but it does. Never mind that I have accumulated a year's worth of weighty, highly detailed information about J. Somehow, having a stack of 3.5" x 2" printed paper at my disposal makes everything feel real-real. I suppose this … Continue reading Business Cards