[Book Review] Haunted Memphis

*Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all book reviews on Alternative Muses are for volumes I’ve read as part of my J biography research. I hesitated to use the word review, as this series heavily focuses on WHY I chose to read a book and what I got out of it research-wise. As a compromise, I’ll end each post in this series with a short review of the actual book.*

Haunted Memphis by Laura Cunningham


I realize this is definitely an odd choice for someone engaged in legitimate research. I am not, to be clear, concerned with the veracity of hauntings or ghosts–in Memphis or anywhere, for that matter. Far from it. I read this book for the same reason that I have read many others during this research journey: to extract mentions of old businesses, buildings, streets, and real personages from Memphis’s past. This book provided me with a few such tidbits. Mission accomplished.


This book is much like every other volume in the Haunted America series. It is short, a bit slapdash in places, but overall entertaining…as long as you don’t take the tales seriously. Or, well, maybe you do. That is okay, too. To each their own. It isn’t a bad way to spend an hour.

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