[Podcast Appearance] AntmanVS Austen House Books

Last Thursday, 2 February, I paid a visit to my friend Tiff over at the eclectic Wanderlust Studio. Her shop is more than just a place to sell cool locally made items. She hosts wonderful events out of her neighborhood space–yoga classes, open mic nights, dance parties, Saturday markets–and does it with her signature brand of energy, humor, and hospitality.

This visit was both personal and professional. I trekked a couple of blocks through our mutual neighborhood to record a podcast with Tiff and Anthony Shafer of Music Familia Productions. We talked about my bookstore, tea, and, of course, the research project that I have been chronicling on this site for well over two years. I hope you will give it a listen.

AntmanVS Austen House Books (Hey, That’s Me)

I didn’t stop by empty-handed. I brought my trusty teapot and my all-time favorite tea: Victorian Early Grey from Churchill’s Fine Teas. (This is not an ad! I am just a super fan.) Please support as many small businesses and creators as possible.

Until next time!


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