J on This Day: 27 June 1922

One hundred years ago today, J was appearing in a production of the John Philip Sousa operetta El Capitan at Fontaine Ferry Park in Louisville, Kentucky. She performed the role of Estrelda (Cazarro's Daughter). The original debuted in Boston in 1896, before transferring to Broadway for 112 performances. It starred De Wolf Hopper (future father … Continue reading J on This Day: 27 June 1922

J On This Day: 21 March 1926

21 MARCH  1926: J spent at least part of 1926 starring in a touring production of Sigmund Romberg and Dorothy Donnelly's The Student Prince. March 21 saw her opening the operetta in yet another city. It ran Sunday-Wednesday, with a matinee offered on the final day. Then it was on to the next town, hotel, … Continue reading J On This Day: 21 March 1926