A Winsome Miss

Here is a blurb from a newspaper review of The Student Prince. The date was 11-17-25. The place: Pennsylvania. "J, as Kathie, was a winsom (sic) miss with her charming manner and her fine soprano voice. Concert stars have often failed to measure up to the standard that she set last night." Without any extant … Continue reading A Winsome Miss

J On This Day: 21 March 1926

21 MARCH  1926: J spent at least part of 1926 starring in a touring production of Sigmund Romberg and Dorothy Donnelly's The Student Prince. March 21 saw her opening the operetta in yet another city. It ran Sunday-Wednesday, with a matinee offered on the final day. Then it was on to the next town, hotel, … Continue reading J On This Day: 21 March 1926