Begin Anywhere

And so I did…

Let’s back up.

I’ve been cataloging the contents of J’s main scrapbook for nearly a month. It’s slow going and hard on the eyes, so it’s not an everyday thing. Far from it, actually. There are plenty of other related tasks to do, meaning I’m almost always busy. New things crop up with alarming frequency. Too many balls to juggle, not enough time. Sometimes I seriously doubt that three years of research will be enough. Sigh. Anyway, one of these other tasks has been weighing~heavily~on my mind. That would be the need to start a timeline of J’s life events and professional/private movements. As a musical theater performer, she was seemingly always on the go. Remember that she worked in 45 states. Whooo! I knew that I couldn’t delay this particular side-project any longer, especially as I add “new” dates to my notebooks every time I do research. At some point, the very thought of creating a timeline would be too overwhelming. I’d have to mentally unstick myself from a situation that could have been prevented by sucking it up and being proactive.

I’m extremely grateful that common sense intervened. I started the timeline this evening. It’s already a pain, but only a fraction as annoying as it would be in a few weeks. Yay me.

How important are timelines to you?

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