This snapshot of J and her little family is the only one I have of all four of them together. There is no date scrawled on the back, but going by the age of the baby this pic was captured during the summer of 1936. I have no context for the image. R, TODDLER DAVID, … Continue reading FAMILY ALBUM: SUMMER OF ’36

J on This Day: 13 August 1922

13 AUGUST 1922: J spent the summer of '22 appearing in a series of operas at Fontaine Ferry Park in Louisville, Kentucky. Among the productions were The Bohemian Girl, Martha, and that week's offering, Madame Sherry. When she wasn't rehearsing or performing on stage, she was still working! On 13 August 1922, J and four … Continue reading J on This Day: 13 August 1922