Why Ko-fi?

You may have noticed the new Ko-fi button hanging out on the sidebar here or on A Small Press Life. First of all, let me assure you that it’s truly a no-pressure thing. My content is free, always has been, always will be. I’ve been running ASPL for nearly ten years, to give some context. Although the number of posts has ebbed and flowed over time, my commitment to sharing the overflow of my words, ideas, and passions has not abated.

Alternative Muses exists for a different reason, of course. During the earliest days of my book project (nearly five whole months ago, haha), I thought that it could be neat to share what it’s like to research the life of an obscure, long-dead performer. It comes with pretty unique challenges that don’t get discussed enough in writing circles or on websites. That’s why I created this site.

However, maintaining this blog is NOT why I signed up for Ko-fi. The research and writing process behind it is the reason, though. Anyone who has read my intro post here knows that I expect this project to take a minimum of five years, with the first three given over entirely to research. In an ideal world, I would give the bulk of my time to working on this biography while shooting out freelance assignments on the side. Ten years ago, that would have been doable. Today, it is not possible. At all. Not in the slightest.

I work a day job. Always have. It’s fine, it’s fun, no worries. My entire immediate family helps out at my mom’s new shop. After years of planning, she was forced to open it during the pandemic (in November) or not at all. You can imagine the difficulty and stress of that. Day job? Check. Wearing multiple hats at the family business we’re just trying to keep afloat? Check. Researching a book? Check. This is no sob story; it’s reality. We still have it better than millions of people who are sick, have died, or lost their loved ones, homes, livelihoods. The ground beneath us is insecure, but we have each other. And I have my art, as I hope you have yours.

The purpose of my Ko-fi, then, is simply to help with (mostly) very small, research-related expenses: to pay for necessary subscriptions, books (e and physical), software, etc. All are things that I need as part of this project but that I rarely have the funds for during this strange period.

So, friends: that is the long and the short of it. There is no pressure to give a dime, and the giving of dimes is in no way tied to maintaining access to either blog. However, if you love a particular post, if anything resonates with you to a higher degree than normal, giving a buck or two would be appreciated. But I appreciate you regardless.



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