Catching Up

I can hardly believe that is has been a month since my last post! Totally unintentional. I’ve been incredibly busy, with both J and non-J pursuits.

During my absence, I accomplished almost a ridiculous amount of research. I made working on “lists” my priority. Let’s back up for a moment. I spent almost three months cataloging the contents of her main scrapbook and adding them to a master timeline. It was important for me to establish this framework so that I could, moving forward, add new information as needed. Upon completing this momentous task, I decided that I should organize her life and career into a series of lists: performances/co-workers/reviews/personal relationships/theaters/cities visited, etc. Once I’m caught up with the info that I have, I can move to the next phase: searching archives for anything and everything to do with J.

Wish me luck!

Thank you for your patience. Here is a pic of J as a reward. She is on the right. The woman on the left was a member of the same production company as J, although they appeared in different productions.

J is on the right. Author’s collection.

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