An Avalanche of Resources

I’ve already spent almost eleven (!) months researching J’s personal and professional background. For someone mostly forgotten to time and changing tastes, there sure is a startling amount of information to be found on this remarkable woman…if you know where to look. In fact, it would be all-to-easy to suffocate under my growing pile of resources. It’s really difficult to focus on the current task, so I am constantly reminding myself that every avenue of inquiry will be pursued in its own time. Until then, each new nugget is filed in an appropriate place.

In a Reading Hall (1906) by Wilhelm Gause

That being said, some resources are more exciting than others. For example: Both J and her husband R have files in the archives of the Actors’ Equity Association (AEA) in New York City. Their papers are held in a total of three folders, one for J and two for R. One of his files includes correspondence. This is incredible. Yay! Accessing them will, of course, require an in-person visit. I’m more than okay with that, haha.

Only time will tell how many archives there are to dig through or miles to travel before the century-old gaps in the wild puzzle of J’s existence are filled with their proper pieces. Until then, the journey is enough.

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